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Chi Draconis B
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Stern Chi Draconis B

Orange Stern Chi Draconis B befindet sich 26 Lichtjahre von der Sonne entfernt. Es ist ein Single stern der spektralklasse K0 V, der hat 75 % der sonnenmasse. Derzeit sind in diesem System keine Exoplaneten bekannt.
26 lichtjahre

Chi Draconis B

Orange Stern (spektralklasse K0 V)

Grundlegende Eigenschaft

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Masse: 74.8 % M Sonne | 784 M Jupiter
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Größe: 73 % R Sonne | 7.3 R Jupiter
luminosity iconLeuchtkraft: 0.29 L Sonne
(Noch keine Exoplaneten bekannt)
Mehr über Chi Draconis B
      Chi Draconis B kann gefunden werden in nord himmelshalbkugel. 
Externe Quellen
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Asymmetry in the atmosphere of the ultra-hot Jupiter WASP-76 b
Wissenschaftliche Studie, Akzeptiert: 05. 04. 2024
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Constraining stellar tidal quality factors from planet-induced stellar spin-up
Wissenschaftliche Studie, Akzeptiert: 05. 04. 2024
Nachrichten aus diesem Sternensystem
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Astronomers have discovered a brown dwarf orbiting the red giant HD 18438

Astronomers led by Byeong-Cheol Lee have made a groundbreaking discovery, detecting a brown dwarf orbiting the red giant HD 18438. With a radius of 89 times that of the Sun, HD 18438 is now the largest known star to be orbited by an exoplanet or brown dwarf.

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Newly discovered exoplanet HD 207496 b is too close to its star and is loosing atmosphere

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Two giant exoplanets discovered orbiting nearby Sun-like star HIP 104045

Astronomers discovered two new exoplanets orbiting a star HIP 104045. The star is 175 light years away and its mass and size are similar to the Sun. Both exoplanets are gas giants, smaller than Jupiter.

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Astronomers used JWST and TESS telescopes to study nearby brown dwarf HD 19467 B

Brown dwarfs are objects between planets and stars. Astronomers divide them into 3 categories according to their temperature - L, T, Y. Their relatively low temperatures and brightness allow them to stay hidden for most part. Only the most powerful infrared telescopes are able to see them and that is where James Webb Space Telescope comes in.

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