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Star WASP-76

Yellow-White star WASP-76 is located 637 light years away from the Sun. It is a single star of spectral class F7 D, that has 146 % of solar mass. There is at least one exoplanet in this system.
Sun distance
637 light years


Yellow-White star (spectral class F7 D)


Ascension iconRight ascension: 1h 46m 31.863s
Declination iconDeclination: 2° 42' 2.033'' (equatorial region)
Parallax iconParallax: 5.12
Distance iconSun distance: 636.974 ly | 195.3 pc

Basic characteristic

icon weight
Mass: 146 % M Sun | 1529 M Jupiter
radius icon
Size: 173 % R Sun | 17.2 R Jupiter
temperature iconTemperature: 6250 K | 1.08 T Sun

1 exoplanet

WASP-76 b 0.03 AU 292.5 M 20.5 R 1.8 days
More about WASP-76
Star WASP-76 is is approximately 73 % bigger than the Sun and temperature on its surface is around 6250 K (5977 °C), which is about 108 % of Sun's temperature.
       WASP-76 can be found in northern celestial hemisphere. 
Other designations of this star
2MASS 01463185+0242019, BD+01 316, AG+02 184, SAO 110122, 1SWASP J014631.86+024202.0, TIC 293435336, TYC 32-111-1, YZ 2 503
External sources
icon study
Asymmetry in the atmosphere of the ultra-hot Jupiter WASP-76 b
Scientific study, Accepted: 05. 04. 2024
tess icon
TESS database (TOI 2403.01)
Archive from the TESS mission
News from this star system
Article image:

Ionized calcium indicates even higher temperatures in the atmosphere of ultra-hot jupiter WASP-76 b

New spectroscopic analysis reveals calcium ions in high atmosphere of exoplanet WASP-76 b. According to a new study it could mean even higher temperatures for this already very hot planet. WASP-76 b orbits its star very close and receives so much energy, that temperature in its atmosphere reach up to 2 400 °C. New findings could also mean the exoplanet is loosing its atmosphere, but more data is needed to confirm.

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