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MWC 480
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Star MWC 480

White-Blue star MWC 480 is located 528 light years away from the Sun. It is a single star of spectral class A5Vep C, that has 200 % of solar mass. For now, there are no known exoplanets in this star system.
Sun distance
528 light years

MWC 480

White-Blue star (spectral class A5Vep C)


Ascension iconRight ascension: 4h 58m 46.273s
Declination iconDeclination: 29° 50' 36.99'' (northern hemisphere)
Parallax iconParallax: 6.182
Distance iconSun distance: 527.632 ly | 161.8 pc

Basic characteristic

icon weight
Mass: 200 % M Sun | 2095 M Jupiter
radius icon
Size: 167 % R Sun | 16.6 R Jupiter
temperature iconTemperature: 8250 K | 1.43 T Sun
time iconAge: 0.006 billions years | 0 Sun
luminosity iconLuminosity: 11.2 L Sun

1 exoplanet

MWC 480 dust belt b 98 AU -
More about MWC 480
Star MWC 480 is a main sequence star that fuses hydrogen atoms into helium. It is is approximately 67 % bigger than the Sun and temperature on its surface is around 8250 K (7977 °C), which is about 143 % of Sun's temperature.
      MWC 480 can be found in northern celestial hemisphere. 
Other designations of this star
BD+29 774, HD 31648, HIC 23143, HIP 23143, SAO 76866, GSC 01844-00503, 2MASS J04584626+2950370, GC 6058, TIC 85100457, TYC 1844-503-1, WISE J045846.27+295036.9, IRAS 04555+2946
News from this star system
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Large reservoirs of organic material detected around nearby young stars

Detailed observations of protoplanetary discs around 5 nearby stars show complex chemistry similar to what scientists expect around young Sun. Organic compounds are quite common which could mean, that the building block for life could be present throughout the cosmos.

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