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Star Kepler-90

Yellow star Kepler-90 is located 2836 light years away from the Sun. It is a single star of spectral class G0 V, that has 120 % of solar mass. There are multiple known exoplanets in this system.
Sun distance
2836 light years


Yellow star (spectral class G0 V)


Ascension iconRight ascension: 18h 57m 44.038s
Declination iconDeclination: 49° 18' 18.496'' (northern hemisphere)
Parallax iconParallax: 1.15
Distance iconSun distance: 2835.892 ly | 869.5 pc

Basic characteristic

icon weight
Mass: 120 % M Sun | 1257 M Jupiter
radius icon
Size: 120 % R Sun | 11.9 R Jupiter
temperature iconTemperature: 6080 K | 1.05 T Sun
time iconAge: 2 billions years | 0.43 Sun
luminosity iconLuminosity: 1.77 L Sun

8 exoplanets

Kepler-90 b 0.07 AU 1.3 R 7 days
Kepler-90 c 0.09 AU 1.2 R 8.7 days
Kepler-90 i 0.2 AU 1.3 R -
Kepler-90 d 0.32 AU 2.9 R 59.7 days
Kepler-90 e 0.42 AU 2.7 R 91.9 days
Kepler-90 f 0.48 AU 2.9 R 124.9 days
Kepler-90 g 0.71 AU 15 M 8.1 R 210.6 days
Kepler-90 h 1.01 AU 203 M 11.3 R 331.6 days
More about Kepler-90
Star Kepler-90 is a main sequence star that fuses hydrogen atoms into helium. It is is approximately 20 % bigger than the Sun and temperature on its surface is around 6080 K (5807 °C), which is about 105 % of Sun's temperature.
      Kepler-90 can be found in northern celestial hemisphere. 
Other designations of this star
2MASS J18574403+4918185, KIC 11442793, KOI-351, Gaia DR2 2132193431285570304
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